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With or without its wayback garb, this baby Bronco remains impressively capable.

Ford continues to channel the rich history of its iconic Bronco 4x4 with the introduction of two new retro-inspired special editions of its compact Bronco Sport SUV.

The 2023 Bronco Sport Heritage Edition and Bronco Sport Heritage Limited Edition celebrate the birth of the Bronco brand with a classic-themed appearance package that takes styling cues from the original 1966 truck. Both variants feature a white roof, white rear badging, white 17-inch aluminum wheels, and a white grille with red BRONCO lettering.

The Bronco Sport Heritage Edition, built on the Big Bend trim level, utilizes Ford's 181-hp turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-three, which is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Suspension features include hydraulic front bump stops and specially tuned springs included in Ford’s High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension (HOSS) system package, plus five user-selectable "G.O.A.T." terrain modes for off-road driving.

The Heritage Edition's interior styling includes white trim accents, plaid cloth seats, blue-and-red accent stitching, a microsuede center console armrest, and Navy Pier Blue accents on the door panels and dash. Buyers have a choice of seven paint options, including Robin's Egg Blue, a throwback color based on one that was available on the original Bronco.

The pricier Heritage Limited Edition is derived from the Bronco Sport lineup's more off-road-focused Badlands package, which features the larger turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four, two additional G.O.A.T. modes, a torque-vectoring rear differential, and a lockable center clutch pack for the all-wheel-drive system. Our Peak Blue sample is one of three paint shades available, the others being the lighter Robin's Egg Blue and the intense Yellowstone Metallic.

Heritage Limited Edition–specific features include larger 29-inch all-terrain tires, leather-trimmed seats, and white door inserts. A retro-style plaque adorns the center console, while metal Bronco door badging in the classic '60s script is satisfyingly eye-catching.

Despite its basis in the humble C2 unibody platform as used in the Escape SUV and Maverick pickup, the Bronco Sport proves to be unexpectedly capable off-road, with the 2.0-liter's 250 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque making light work of the steep gullies, embedded boulders, and deep sand that constitute the Johnson Valley area of the Mojave Desert. (So much of the model's off-road development was conducted here that Ford chose to include a geographic coordinate from the area as an Easter egg hidden in the molding of the rear hatch trim.)

An aluminum skid plate, part of the standard Badlands equipment package, eases concerns of stabbing the Bronco Sport's underbody with spiky terrain elements. Despite the Sport's modest ride height, its 8.8-inch ground clearance (on 235/65R-17 tires, the model's largest available) proves to be perfectly adequate for comfortably brisk-paced desert driving as we follow the dusty wake of our guide, Melissa. She is well-versed in the Bronco Sport's abilities, having taken a stock Bronco Sport Badlands to first place in the 1500-mile, off-road Rebelle Rally in both 2021 and 2022.

It is the suspension that makes the Bronco Sport, and despite the plethora of off-road driving modes available, this SUV handles even soft trail running just fine in its standard drive mode. Locking in the all-wheel-drive system and the rear differential is more than sufficient for confident thrashing in deeper sand.

All of that would be equally true for the less retro-tastic Badlands model, however. At $46,250, the Heritage Limited Edition is fully kitted out, carrying nearly $5000 worth of features that are optional on the Badlands. Screen that out, and you see that the retro look carries a roughly $2000 premium. One rung down, the $34,245 Heritage Edition represents a roughly $1500 upcharge over the equivalent Big Bend model.

Is that worth it? Well, several miles east of where we drove this Bronco Sport, classic Broncos, stock and modified, are swarming the viewing areas of this year’s King of the Hammers desert road-race competition. For off-road enthusiasts, the appeal of those classic Broncos, the reborn Bronco, and this offshoot Bronco Sport is wrapped up in the combination of capability and aesthetics. The Bronco Sport Heritage Editions lean more heavily on the latter, but to no detriment of the former.


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Monday, 20 September 2021 07:05

Ford Bronco may even arrive in Europe!

It would be a very pleasant surprise for the American brand.

The new Bronco has just started its career on the other side of the Atlantic and has already made serious earthquakes in the field of off-road vehicles, but the real ones, and not some make-up SUV models. There are few such four-wheelers today, I can count them on my fingers, so Bronco was warmly welcomed due to Ford's courage to return to this segment.

Ford's ace is currently out of reach of European customers, but that does not mean that the situation in that area will remain unchanged. Jim Farley, the executive director of the American giant, thinks that Bronco would do well on the Old Continent…

“I see these mighty Defenders, so I believe there are opportunities for the Bronco as well,” Farley said. He added that a decision is currently being made on the final placement in this part of the world, with Ford's European branch having the last word.

"We are waiting for Ford of Europe to break whether or not the Bronco will," said the first man of Ford. If the Bronco arrives on these shores, it will most likely remain available in continental Europe, with no placement in the UK.

In that case, Ford’s SUV would be pitted against Jeep’s Wrangler, Land Rover Defender, and several other members of this small segment.

If Ford of Europe says "yes" to the arrival of the Bronze on the Old Continent, then this model could most likely appear in 2023, because due to the current crisis with microchips, it is unrealistic to expect this four-wheeler in our region earlier.


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2021 Ford Bronco rumors or reality

Next generation 2021 Ford Bronco

Manufactured and marketed by Ford from 1965. to 1996. the Ford Bronco is a model line of SUVs that were. The first generation of the Bronco was introduced as a competitor to compact SUVs (including the Jeep CJ-5 and International Harvester Scout), the succeeding four generations of the Bronco were full-sized SUVs, competing against Dodge Ramcharger and the Chevrolet K5 Blazer. So, the first Bronco was assembled using its own chassis, while the full-sized Bronco was derived from the Ford F-Series (F-100, later F-150) pickup truck. All Broncos were produced with four-wheel drive engine, as well.

2021 Ford Bronco Release date and performance

Was withdrawn from the Ford light-truck model line following declining demand for two-door SUVs, the Ford Bronco. In the 1997 model year, Ford replaced the Bronco with the Ford Expedition, a four-door SUV based on the F-150. Broncos were produced at Ford's Michigan Truck Plant in Wayne, Michigan, from 1965 to 1996. Ford announced the reintroduction of the Ford Bronco as a mid-sized SUV, in 2017. Derived from the Ford Ranger as a 2021 model. Than manufacturing is to return to Michigan Assembly.

2021 Ford bronco Engine

Based on credible rumors and comments from various Ford higher-ups since the announcement of the 4x4's return, there is quite a lot we know about the Bronco. So, we've compiled all that info here for you. As new information is learned, this story will be continually updated. Published on 2/4/2020. the most recent update was. That its doors and roof are removable, one of the big appeals of the Wrangler are. With the Bronco, which according to Automotive News, will offer a removable hardtop and doors that can be stored in the trunk, as well. The mirrors will be mounted to the A-pillars, and not the doors as on a Wrangler, apparently. You'll still have mirrors when you take the doors off, this means.

The Baby Bronco could carry the Maverick name, suggesting. The parts are listed for a 2020 model year vehicle, interestingly. Bronco sources informed the forum Maverick was the name being used internally for the car, last year. That name will make it to the market has yet to be seen, whether.

So, Ford already has a mid-size pickup on the market, the Ranger, but it might give the Bronco a bed. Than, according rumors that this truck will arrive in 2024 as a competitor to the Jeep Gladiator, a pickup based on the Bronco's closest rival, the Wrangler,too. Ford has made its intent to compete with Jeep quite clear, so it's easy to understand why the Blue Oval would want a Bronco pickup, even if it already has the Ranger in production also.

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